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Good Night Messages For Boyfriend

At this time so many boy and girl can use Android mobile phone and this mobile phone we can use facebook and whatshap.At night time we can share good night messages for each other and at this time every boy has girlfriend. So night time every boy can send message for your girlfriend.

Good Night Messages For Boyfriend:

Dreaming of you makes my night worthwhile;
Thinking of you makes me smile;
Being with you is the best thing ever;
And loving you is what I’ll do forever.
Good Night!

Lovely Good Night Messages For Dear Boyfriend
Sexy Good Night Messages For Dear Cute Girlfriend

Close your eyes,
Concentrate your mind &
Pray to god about the things
That you want most.
GOD must fulfill your prayer…
Have a nice sleep…
Good Night— (beautiful good night messages)

A bed of clouds for U to sleep,
Diamond stars as ur bed side lamp,
Angels from heaven singing lullabies for U,
May u sleep peacefully, Good night..

I’m glad I have you near
For the many things you’ve brought me
There’s nothing I shall fear
Good night my dear
Day May Fall When Sun Goes Off,
But You Should Never. . .
Good Night
Have Rocking Weekdays Fellas … =)

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romantic good night messages

Romantic Good Night Messages – Good Night Love Messages
People are usually searching for romantic good night messages so here i have an awesome collection of sweet romantic good night messages. Do check them and choose best one to send your loving one.

Nobody’s right till somebody’s wrong.
Nobody’s weak till somebody’s strong.
Nobody’s lucky till love comes along.
Nobody’s lonely till somebody’s gone.
I love and miss you tonight!

I wish moon always be full & bright and U always be cool & right.
Whenever U go to switch off the light,
Remember that I’m wishing U …Good Night! (best romantic good night messages)

My day may be hectic.
My schedule may be tight.
But I would never let the day end
without saying Good night and. Sweet dreams!

Even as you close your eyes in sleep
my love for you remains true and deep
it’s you I love and forever will keep
just to say sweet dreams before we both fall asleep

A day is going to end again.
It is nice to have someone like U making everyday seems so great.
Thank U my love and may all the angels guard you this night!

Stars light Stars bright you are the only Star I see tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might be there guarding your dreams tonight.
Good night and sleep well. (very romantic good night messages)

Its a goodnight from me to you
its not a goodbye I will never disconnect from you
sweet dreams my love may the moon and stars refresh you
and has the day breaks may it bring good tidings to you
have a restful night Goodnight.

good night messages for her

Good Night Messages for Her – Girlfriend
Don’t sleep without wishing your girlfriend with good night messages for her. We have special collection on good night messages for her with love and flirty.

Thinking about you is the tipping point where my nightmares end and sweet dreams begin.
I love you. Good Night. (sweet good night messages for her)

The night is far too long, for you to be away.
I am desperately waiting, for it to turn into day.
My heart will rot away, if things keep going on like this.
All I want to do, is give you a kiss. Good night.

As the clock quickly counts down the seconds until midnight,
I wanted to take a moment to let you know just what you mean to me.
You are the most beautiful, gorgeous woman that ever existed.
Since I met you, you have become my entire universe.
I love you, beautiful. Good night.

Each night, I think of a reason I love you for every star that I see in the sky.
Tonight, I ran out of stars.
It is impossible to count the reasons why I love you because those reasons are infinite. (sweet goodnight text messages for her)

Have a good night, you must rest my beloved.
You are the greatest gift life has given to me. Tonight I will dream with you.

I am looking at the beautiful moon and thinking about that night when I gave you the first kiss,
it was one of the best days of my life because it meant the start of our sweet love story,
have a good night my girlfriend. [cute goodnight texts to girlfriend]

good night messages for him

Good Night Messages for Him – Boyfriend
Boys always becomes flirty at night, so don’t let them sleep without sending flirty good night messages for him. Check out the best collection on best good night messages for him.

Good night, to the guy who makes my days bright.
Sweet dreams, to the guy whose love makes me burst out at the seams.
Hugs and kisses, to the guy who makes my life seem like a bed of roses.
I love you. (short good night messages for him)

The stars are shining.
The wind is blowing.
The moon is sweetly whispering that it’s time for sleep.
Good night, my one and only.

The Clοuds Have Parted Tο Let Moon Βe Your Night Lamp,
The wind Ηas died οwn To Bring Silence Αnd Peace.
Ιt is Because I Tοld Them That Sοmeone Precious Tο Me is Going Tο Sleep.
Gοοd Night, Dear οne, Sleep Well.

God sprinkles tiny but wonderful seeds of blessings on earth each day and I just caught one that’s so nice and true, it’s YOU !
Love you and good night. (loving good night messages for him)

Every night I fall asleep with a smile on my face…
because I know that I’m going to wake up and meet the person who puts it there.
Good Night

When I say GOOD night,
I actually want you to be a GOOD boy at night.
So don’t think about any girl except me.
Good night handsome.

Dreams of you make my night worthwhile.
The thought of you makes me smile.
Being your love is the best thing ever.
I will love you forever.

You are my sky and I am cloud,
you are my star and I am twinkle in it,
you are my moon and I am light from it.
I am nothing without you my sweetheart!
Goodnight and sweet dreams

Nοthing is better Τhan hearing that sοmeone loves and cares fοr you.

Good Night Messages For Girlfriend

At this time so many boy and girl can use Android mobile phone and this mobile phone we can use facebook and whatshap.At night time we can share good night messages for each other and at this time every girl has boyfriend. So night time every girl can send message for your boyfriend.

Good Night Messages For Girlfriend:

Every night before going to sleep, I always think about you, and somehow you make me feel relaxed and turn my nightmares into lovely dreams. Good Night my dear, I love you!
I wish that all the dreams about you and me come true. Good night sweetie.
Good night my love. Have sweet and lovely dreams of us together.

Lovely Good Night Messages For Dear Boyfriend
Sexy Good Night Messages For Dear Cute Girlfriend

Consider me as a cool night breeze that gives you a good sleep. Good Night
Before going to bed, i wish that I could give you a cute kiss with a tight hug to show you how much I love you. Good Night my love!
I said to the moon that you are not the one who lightens up my nights. He asked angrily, then who? I said only my cute and sweet girlfriend could light up my nights. Good Night.
Every night, I wait long for this night to turn into a day. So I can meet you. You are far too away, all I need is to give you a sweet kiss. Good night.

The other day, I googled about the best good night wishes and messages for my girlfriend. Google said this is something that only your heart will tell. 😀
Good Night, sweetie. Have sweet dreams of us together!
The last person that I remember while going to sleep is the one that is reading this text. I miss you a lot, my girl. Good Night. Have sweet and sour dreams 🙂
Just like the sun and moon are destined to rise in their particular time. I am destined to be with you forever. I miss you a lot. Have a nice sleep with beautiful dreams. Good night.
If we would have been together right now. I would spend all the night cuddling with you and then we would sleep after seeing the sun rise together.
Good Night my love.
When I am asleep, I only think about you and our lovely time together. Good Night. Have sweet and lovely dreams like me!
At night I always felt so lonely without you. I always think about you and miss you dearly. I can not live without you. Good Night, my sweet girl.
Whenever I see you. I remember all the dreams I had of us being together and one day I am going to make them a reality. Good Night.
At night, even if I am really tired and very sleepy. I still can not sleep if I don’t text my sweet girl. You are always my priority. Good Night, love!
While looking at this blissful night with romantic moonlight and a cool breeze with glitters of stars up in the sky. I can only wish that you would have been with me. Good Night. I love you so much babe.

There are thousands of stars in the sky that shine, but for me, you are the brighter and most shinier. I love you with all my heart. Have a nice sleep with lots of beautiful dreams. Good night.
This message is to remind you that you are the most important thing in my life. I want to take away all your nightmares and fill your dreams with love. Have a lovely night. Sweet dreams.
On this beautiful night, cuddling with you would be perfect. I love you. Good, night and sweet dreams.
My girl, do me a favor. Get in my bed and cuddle me all night long. 🙂
Wish that I could come over to you and honor you with a beautiful, good night kiss. Have sweet and lovely dreams. Good night.
This moon is always in a competition of shining with you, and it always looses, because you are more shiner than a star to me. Good night, love
Last night I could not be able to sleep any minute, and it felt like I have something important to do which I forgot. I think again and again, and then I remember I have to wish this special person in my life a good night.
Good night my love. Have lovely dreams.
Do you know that cuddling lowers anxiety, strengthen the immune system and removes depression? 🙂
Good night baby.
The message that you receive every night from me is an invitation for joining me in my dreams. Good night baby. See you in there. 🙂
I wish you sweet dreams and a lovely and restful night.

After looking at all these stars I realized, they are nothing in comparison to the sparkle that I see in your eyes when you see me. I love you so much, my beautiful girl. Have a really good night with lovely dreams of me. 😀
I just want to be your pillow for this night and every night to come. Have sweet dreams.
I don’t want a moonlight. I have a better moon, and that is you. Good night my love. Have sweet dreams.
Do you know why I always sleep earlier? Because in my dreams I always meet you there and spend some quality time with you. I just can’t wait to be with you, weather it is in dreams or reality. Good night, love. See you there. 😉
Never back away from your nightmares. Face them with all the strength you have. This is the only way to overcome them. Have a good night.
You are my everything. Good night, my love!
The only thing that is keeping me awake every night are the thoughts about how much I love you, and what am I going to do without you!
Good night, sweetie
Best Good Night Messages
Good night and sleep are tight.
I’ll love you until the sun rises from the west and sets in the east.
Good Night, love of my life.
I’ll love you from dusk to dawn. I will love you limitless. Good Night and sleep are beautiful.
While you are sleeping, your innocence keeps me awake all night. I just keep looking at you. You seem magical and out of this world. I love you so much. Good night
You are the apple of my eye.
Good night.
My girlfriend is not from this world. She is an angel, and I love her so much.
Good night
I always see your pictures before sleeping. Without seeing you makes my night miserable and full of nightmares.
Good night.
Do you know what is temporary? This night, this moon and stars. They will disappear in the morning. And do you know what is permanent? Our love. It will last forever.
Good night and have sweet dreams, my love.
Last night I could not be able to sleep any minute, and it felt like I have something important to do which I forgot. I think again and again, and then I remember I have to wish this special person in my life a good night.
Good night my love. Have lovely dreams.
Good night to the girl who made my dreams so beautiful that I don’t want to wake up.
Get on the bed, turn off the lights and close your eyes. Now give yourself to the dreams.
Good night. Have sweet dreams.
I want to be the one to fight away all the nightmares you have and brought you Sweet and lovely dreams. Good night baby.
Good night to the angel who is the reason for my smile and makes all my troubles disappear magically with a simple kiss. I love you, baby.
While you sleep, I will be the one to protect you all night by putting you in my embrace. Love you. Have a good night sleep.
I simply can not sleep without wishing you a good night.
Good night and have sweet and lovely dreams of me. 🙂
In the day, you are my sun and in the night you are my moon. Every time you give light to my path and helps me move forward.
I wish you a good night. Have lovely dreams.
This is a good night message for my sweet, beautiful and simple gorgeous girlfriend. I know you are desperately waiting for me to wish you a good night, and I know you can not sleep until you receive a text from me. I love you so much, my love. Have sweet dreams. Muaah :*
Cross your hand over your shoulders and give yourself a tight hug. This is from me. I wish I could be there to give it to you myself. Have a sweet and good night. With lots of kisses from your boyfriend. I love you. :*

It does not matter how far you are; you will always be in my heart. Good night love.
Each day I spend with you becomes my best day. I can not wait for the morning to come and meet you. Good night, sweetie
Good night to my dear girlfriend. Sleep well and may tomorrow brings more happiness to you. I love you.
Good night, have sweet and lovely dreams.
This beautiful day that I spend with you I now finally going to end. May tomorrow we have so much and more fun. Good night, Have sweet and romantic dreams.
Usually people dream of their lovers. But I can not dreams of you. It is simple. I just can not fall asleep while I am thinking about you. You mean this world to me. Good night.
Every night I think about you and you are the first person I think about after waking up. You see my day starts and ends with you. Good night babe, Have romantic dreams.
You deserve a really good night kiss.
I miss you a lot dear. Please close your eyes and meet me in my dreams. Good Night
If I don’t talk to you before going to sleep, my night ends up being full of nightmares. Good night babe and wish me too 🙂
Whenever I see moon shinning, I think about you, and I want to tell you to get out and see the moon with me. We are far far away. Still we see this world together. Good night, sweet dreams!
Short Good Night Messages for your Girlfriend
Get some sleep cutie, let you social network have some rest. 🙂
Good night
You are the cure to my poison; you are something else. You are not from this world. I love you so much. Have sweet dreams. Good night.
I know its not right but still I think this sun and this moon only rises to see both of us together.
Good night my love!
The Sun is missing you the moon is kissing you. You are so blessed. Good night.
Hush, its time to sleep!
Good night
You are one in a million. You are the love of my life, and I can not sleep without wishing you a good night!
Good night and sleep tight, I will always be there to protect you from any harm you could imagine.
Remember that I am always praying for you while you sleep. So be relaxed and have a safe and good night.
Getting a really good night sleep is an ability many are unfamiliar with.
Good night.
If God ever gives me a chance to ask for anything I want. I would ask him to make my dreams came true that I spend with you.
Good night babe, We are part of the same soul.

Whenever I see moon shining, I think about you, and I want to tell you to get out and see the moon with me. We are far far away. Still we see this world together. We are different bodies with the same soul. Good night, sweet dreams!
There is one thing I want to do. I want to take you to camping. Then I want us to lay down on the grass and see the stars together while cuddling each other. This is one of many of my dreams I see every night. Wish them to come true. Good night and join me in dreams.
There is one thing I love about dreams, that there is no impossibility in dreams. We can do whatever we like and no one to stop us.
Good night
It does not matter what your past is. What matter is what your future will be? The Past can neither be changed not be forgotten, yet it can only be accepted.
Good night and have sweet dreams
There is noting impossible. This world itself says “I m possible.” Believe in yourself and move forward.
Good night with all the love and kisses from your boyfriend.
Love is simple really, but it can do great things. It keeps me awake all night thinking about you, praying for you and making me love you more and more. I just don’t know what to do.
Good night my love, I love, and I want you to know that. :*
I wish that my dreams would soon come true. I always want wake up next to you. I want to see your face first when I woke up. I love you and always will.
Good night

Wishing you a good night with lots of love and sweet kisses. May you always be as beautiful as you are today